Friday, January 18, 2013

Ghost Houses of the Prairies by Dave McKane

Irish Photographer Dave McKane was exposed to the Kansas plains as an exchange student at Hutchinson High School in 1978. His love of the area continues as he works to document the "ghost houses" of the prairie. Dave is featured in my story on Pollard, Kansas. He is work is awesome - he is very talented! I love it that he has a passion for rural Kansas and visits here a few times every year.

And I love the photo he took of the house just outside the dead town of Pollard in Rice County. Here is a photo from his website.

Ghost houses of the prairies    

clouds roll in
filling big, blue skies
full of darkness and lightning
worrying the lifeless farmhouses beneath
like icebergs rushing headlong
towards the Titanic

1941, 1961, 1981
how long since
beds were made
stoves fired up
living room floors kissed
by straw brooms?

screens that once protected windows
hang at crazy angles
flapping dangerously
in a prairie wind
that rushes down from Canada to the Gulf
but fails to move windmills
which resist raising water
no longer needed
for families long since left

Dwellings built with pride
detailed with love
no longer filled with children’s chatter
slowly sink
into the prairie that was once a sea

waiting patiently
for the earth
to take them back

Irish Photographer Dave McKane

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